The gift that keeps giving while it takes

I’m still glowing from Wednesday night šŸ™‚ The bruises have bloomed and are already fading but the memories continue to hold sway over my consciousness.

Thoughts of my laydee’s glee as she discovered her innate aptitude with the switch – lashing it across my shoulders and thighs, sliding it up my calves in an overwhelming tickling sensation, varying her rhythm like a consummate musician joining me in a complex duet.

I recall the sounds my fairy boy made as I sunk my teeth into his flesh then soothed him with my tongue. The wild abandon with which he returned the favour, the shared joy as we admired his imprint on my skin, his awe reviewing the welts he raised using only his teeth.


The glitter in my sour sweet’s eyes as she played with needle depth and angle of insertion, creating designs highlighting the slopes and valleys of my body. Not needing to breathe through it because her gaze held me close and comforted me as she hurt me. Reaching out for her thigh during the especially incredible bits and the way that connection amplified each sensation.


The sadistic twinkle in my lover’s eyes as he accepted the invitation to join us. The pleasure they derived from her mentorship of his handiwork. The mischievous questions he asked and the wicked answers she gave; the intensity of pain and pleasure in my body. The dissociative feeling of being objectified in their conversation and the way that somehow made the whole experience more intimate.

The shaking in my legs and their refusal to bear my weight for more than mere moments, the fog in my brain, the molasses I waded through with each slow unsteady movement. The gentle cleansing of my wounds, the admiration of my blood as it slid down my breast, the smooth circles on my back, the arms and bodies offered for support, the cheeseburger animal style plus onions, the laughter and love.

Funny thing about endorphins, the higher they get you the more they sap from you on the return flight. I’m finally feeling human again today, after three full days of recovery. I’m blissfully fuzzy but my limbs have lost their delicious heaviness and I’m not maximising every waking moment voraciously consuming everything in sight before tumbling back down into the warm, cozy darkness. I’m happy to be back in my “right mind” but already longing for my next chance to dive deep.

2017-07-13 09.31.30



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