The single word prompt of the day is “disastrous” and I can’t help but laugh at that. Maybe the universe is just giving me these little winks to help me process 😉

I don’t really have much to add today – yesterday’s prompt of “soil” immediately switched to “soiled” in my mind and I had loads to say about the disastrous soiling of something beautiful and healing and FUN.

So I’m cheating. My “new” post today is just a reference to the one I wrote yesterday. I will add that I’m feeling better in some ways. I’m feeling numb in some ways, which is generally a sign that my body is trying to rebuild and would rather have the noise muted in order to make that happen.

Cheers to those that have reached out and offered support. Thank you to all the powers and whatnot that I have some amazing non-male identified people in my life that I can turn to right now.


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