They say admitting it is the first step …

Sip. Mmmmmmmmm. *bliss*

Sip. Mmmmmmmmm. *bliss*

Yesterday morning I used my last coffee pod+, a decaf, and had to contemplate a loooooong stretch before my next shipment arrived … 6 WHOLE DAYS! How was I to survive? Now, I work to keep my caffeine consumption in the mild to moderate range – alternating between full-, half-, and decaf – because that’s not what brings me joy from coffee. That last pod being decaf was no hardship –> the idea of going without the magical elixir for nearly a week was.

I have a second pod machine (yes, I’m one of those people) that makes espresso instead of coffee and I could have pulled that out, dusted it off, run through a cleaning cycle, and substituted espresso for my morning cuppa joe … but I’m honestly not a big fan of espresso. I think my lil pixie makes the nummiest espresso to be had, that’s why I own it, but as soon as I discovered the vertuoline it got a permanent spot on my counter and my poor sweet pixie was relegated to the cabinet.

Coffee, for me, is all about the morning ritual. I have absolutely been that person who is running late, grabs a cup of coffee in a to-go mug and rushes out the door … but nine times out of ten, when that’s how I get my coffee, I barely manage to drink half of it. I can finish coffee on the go if I started it with my ritual, but if I don’t start drinking it until I’m out the door my brain has already moved on to other parts of my day and I don’t really remember to have my coffee.

I think a big part of my disdain for espresso is that espresso shots are too small to really savour. I either want four so that I have an appropriate volume or I have to make up the difference with almond milk or water and that kills the flavour / texture that I crave. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cafe au lait with almond milk and I add a splash to my coffee even when I’m not going fancy but the ratio and texture are everything.

I tend to wake up between 6:00am and 6:30am regardless of my bed time or alarm setting and, while I wouldn’t classify myself as a morning person, I really enjoy the fact that generally means I can ease in to the new day at whatever speed I choose –> and I rarely, if ever, choose a frenetic pace.

It’s a ritual I cherish dearly. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I put on music and let my brain follow the rhythms. It usually takes me about an hour to drink my first delicious cup of coffee. All of my mugs were gifts – I don’t own any coffee mugs that I purchased – and drinking from these makes my soul happy. I don’t like it extra hot; my taste buds are perfectly content not to be scorched, thanks. I don’t mind if it cools to tepid. The temperature is pretty low on the priority list of ritual elements.

So imagine my extreme delight when I came home last night to discover a package of new pods waiting for me, in my favourite two flavours (which happen, serendipitously, to be my two favourite colours as well). I’m sitting here slowly sipping my first cup while my dogs cuddle with me and we all enjoy a lazy start to the day.

Sip. Mmmmmmmmm. *bliss*

Sip. Mmmmmmmmm. *bliss*

+Note: I use Nespresso machines and one of the biggest factors in my purchase decision (apart from the awesome tastiness) was the fact that Nespresso pods are aluminium instead of plastic and the company recycles the pods and composts the coffee grounds. They even send free shipping bags so that it’s the easiest thing in the world to collect the empty pods and send them off for recycling.



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