Reinventing the wheel

One of the things I hope to leverage from my new status as a titleholder is the chance to build a class and/or workshop that I feel is missing – even considering the zillions of classes and events available on the local erobay calendar. This is something that I’ve been thinking about ever since I came into the kink and leather scenes but has become more prominent in my mind ever since my consent was violated in mid-July.

I’ve spoken with a number of friends and more experienced players that support my class idea but I’ve found myself feeling stuck in terms of how to go about actually putting the swirling mass of my ideas into a proposal and legitimate class. Something that people can not only recognise the need for but would want to attend. Something that would engage people.


I had a conversation last night with someone that has a class idea closely aligned with mine and something she said triggered a memory of a book that I read ages ago when I was still considering the idea of kink and hadn’t yet had the courage to dip my toe into the proverbial pool.

I feel like the universe has been hinting about this book at me for ages. Another friend used raffle winnings at my title contest to acquire a hard copy, though they already have an electronic copy. A new person in my life is closely connected to the author of the book and we’ve talked about the work that author does in our community and how it could benefit both myself and the person who violated my consent (assuming he someday understands that what he did was wrong).

I re-read portions of that book this morning and I feel revitalised. YES! THIS! I’ve been struggling with how to reinvent the wheel and I’ve had this builder’s manual all along!


This is a common struggle among learners and educators. We have wonderful ideas; we know that others have likely paved the road ahead of us but our map doesn’t acknowledge its existence. Plus there’s the pressure to come up with new things, new ideas and concepts, new perspectives –> anything to keep the material fresh and engaging. I’m an advocate for updating the resources we have available but it hit me this morning that I also need to inventory those resources.

Here again – those inventory lists absolutely exist and there’s no reason for me to start a new one from scratch. I simply need to update one to incorporate my impressions of the resources so that others folks seeking help don’t need to start completely from scratch in the way that I did.

Three cheers for streamlining the wheel instead of trying to conceptualise an entirely new one, only to have someone point out the hundreds of thousands of wheels that have come before!



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