Using my powers for good

One of the benefits of being an acupuncture student is that I get to try out the different points we’re learning on myself when certain things come up. That said, it’s something I don’t often think to do for myself. Mostly I find myself having to explain why I can’t needle others.

I haven’t been sleeping too well … and there are myriad causes for that. My moon cycle has been all over the place for the past few months, likely the result of a new medication, and it just started (again 🙄) on Saturday.

Last night and this morning I got maybe five hours of sleep and have been getting two to four nightly for the past week or so. Plus I woke up to a heavy flow and cramps. Ugh. However! Today I remembered that I had a few needles at home, as well as my trusty play piercing sharps container. So I poked myself six times and just finished cooking.

The cramps are much alleviated and hopefully the deficiency heat in my system has cooled a bit, maybe even enough for me to sleep tonight! I’m so relaxed and so much more ready to face what the day holds. It should all be good stuff, but there’s likely to be some hard stuff in there as well (and, alas, not fun hardness) so I’m glad for the boost to my batteries!


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