Firm but flexible

The wave builds
Gathering strength and height
It comes for me

I gird my loins
I can do this
I can ride it
Conquer it

Head up
Shoulders back
Stand firm but flexible

Too hard and water will break you
Too soft and you’ll be pulled under

This time I’m sure I have the balance right
This time I will come out on top
I’m the little Jeni that could
¡Si se puede!

I roar into it as it crashes
My mouth and nose fill up with water
The salt burns my eyes, my throat

I break apart into a million tiny pieces
I retain my soul
And my bits come back together

Damp but whole
Cleansed in the water
Purified by the salt
I stand firm but flexible

The power of the water inside me
Building to the next wave
Ever building



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